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 Whale Adoption Program-Project Mega-fam

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Gulf of Maine Humpback Whale Adoption Program

Each adoption comes with:
        A 5" x 7" photo of your whale's fluke.
        A parchment paper adoption certificate.
        A page describing your whale's history as well as that of her offspring.
        Information on humpback whales.
        Information on the adoption program and other programs of the Ocean Alliance.

Choose from one of these five humpback whale families available for adoption:

SPOON - Probably one of the largest whales in this population, Spoon is just over 50 feet long. She was first sighted in 1977 and has returned to Stellwagen Bank with 5 calves.

MARS - Mars was also first sighted in 1979. She was named after the Roman God of War. Mars has returned with 8 calves over the years. Just this year, we saw her second grandcalf.

OLYMPIA - First sighted in 1979, Olympia was named for the barnacle scars on her dorsal fin that resemble the five rings of the Olympic games. She has returned to Stellwagen Bank with 7 calves and 3 grandcalves.

SALT - Considered by many to be the Grand Old Lady of the North Atlantic, Salt was the first humpback to be named and is probably one of the most well known wild whales in the world. She has given birth to 8 calves and has 3 grandcalves.

FRINGE - First sighted in 1979, Fringe was named for the marks along the edges of her tail that look like 'fringe'. She has 9 calves and 3 grandcalves and is our newest addition to our adopt-a-whale family.



Cetacean Education Through Awareness (CETA) -Ocean Alliance personnel collect information and photographs from whale watch vessels in Gloucester, MA. We train interpretive naturalists for Cape Ann Whale Watch, providing a thorough and accurate narration on every trip. We also provide regional in-school programs, specially designed field trips, and complete curriculum materials for elementary and secondary schools.

Internship Program - Each year the Ocean Alliance accepts a limited number of undergraduate and graduate students for internship positions. By providing the finest hands-on field and lab experience to these students, we are preparing the very best of the next generation of cetacean (whale and dolphin) scientists, researchers and educators.

Voyage of the Odyssey - Support for and participation with an international team of scientists investigating the link between ocean pollution and the declining health of marine wildlife. Please take a look at out website at www.pbs.org/odysssey


The Ocean Alliance takes the usual whale adoption program one step further. Rather than "adopting" a single animal, participants are able to sponsor an entire family of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae). Individual humpbacks are primarily identified by the distinct black and white patterns on the underside of their tails or flukes. Fortunately for researchers, when humpbacks go down for a deep or 'sounding' dive, they lift their tails out of the water enabling us to photograph this pattern. By identifying individual humpbacks, researchers have been able to follow the family trees of many of these whales over the years. This ability to track the whales through consecutive generations is the cornerstone of the ongoing research effort on New England's resident humpback whales. Over the years it has helped unlock some of the many mysteries that have surrounded these remote and complex animals for centuries.

The five matriarchs offered for sponsorship through the Ocean Alliance were chosen for a number of reasons -- primarily because they have been consistently sighted over the last 20 years or they have endeared themselves to whale watchers and researchers alike. Adopting a whale gives whale watchers and whale lovers an opportunity to share with researchers the unique experience of getting to know these very special individuals.


Ocean Alliance
191 Weston Rd.
Lincoln, MA 01773

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Please e-mail  Cynde at caww_cynde@hotmail.com with other questions.
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