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To our teachers,

Here are some web sites for your students to investigate. I have not
looked through each and every page of all of them, but there is lots of
information that students can use to learn more about Gloucester, the
history of fishing, current fishing issues, science and much more. We hope
you can explore some of these topics before of after joining us on our whale
watch this year. If you have any questions, please contact me at
or at Cape Ann Whale Watch at 1-978-283-5110.
Have fun exploring!!!

http://www.st.nmfs.gov/st1/market_news/index.html Fish landings every
day the amount of fish that is sold is listed along with the price. Perhaps
students can graph this information.
http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.phtml?$station=44013 BE buoy. This is a NOAA
weather buoy that is outside of the Boston Harbor. Typically, the weather
reported at this buoy is the same weather we have when we are whale

http://whale.wheelock.edu  Visit WhaleNet a interactive educational web site
 which focuses on whales and marine reseach.
 WhaleNet is sponsored by Wheelock College in Boston, MA.

http://octopus.gma.org/ - Gulf of Maine Aquarium learn about marine
mammals that we see on our trips as well as other various animals in the
http://www.uoguelph.ca/zoology/ocean/index.htm The Plankton Net Learn
more than you ever imagined about plankton!!
http://www.encyclopedia.com/articles/10268.html Encyclopedia Plankton
Learn even more about plankton one of the most important critters in the

Fisheries/ Fishing
http://www.st.nmfs.gov/st1/commercial/index.html Commercial fisheries
You'll find lots of information about the current commercial fishing
regulations at this site!
http://www.nmfs.gov/ - NMFS National Marine Fisheries Service is an
organization that is responsible for much of the fishing regulation. Learn
about current regulations in the Gulf of Maine and compare them to other
regulations around the country. Are the same fish caught all around the
http://www.gortons.com/ - The famous Gortons of Gloucester. Do you eat
fish? You'll find some good recipes here.
http://www.gloucestertimes.com/ - The Gloucester Daily Times is the local
newspaper. Often you'll find articles about current fishing issues.
http://www.gfwa.org/~gfwa/index.html Gloucester Fisherman's Wives
Association is a non-profit organization that promotes the New England
fishing industry, helps preserve the Atlantic Ocean as a food supply for the
world, assists active and retired fisherman and their families live better

http://www.downtosea.com/ - History of Gloucester Fishing. Read a little
about the history of fishing in Gloucester. Gloucester is the oldest
fishing port in the United States.
http://hgea01.hgea.org/~twelch/ - Delawana vs. Esperanto Schooner Race,
1920 Learn a little more about the fishing history of Gloucester.
http://www.cape-ann.com/historical-museum/ - CAPE ANN HISTORICAL MUSEUM
Fitz Hugh Lane was a very famous American painter, who lived in Gloucester,
whose work hangs in the halls of the Cape Ann Historical Museum.
http://www.obs-us.com/gloucesterguide/preface.htm - The Gloucester Guide
Joe Garland is probably one of the leading authorities on Gloucester. He
has many stories to tell in his most recent book.
http://www.cape-ann.com/cacc/adventure.html The Gloucester Adventure is
the last of the great dory fishing schooners fishing in that was fishing
until 1953.
To learn more about dory fishing and what dories are, look at these two
http://www.oldwharf.com/info.html Old Wharf Dory. Learn about dory
fishing and the difference between different kinds of dories.