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(note: the following educational activities are preformed on all trips)

Cape Ann Whale Watch, through with the Ocean Alliance�s CETA program (Cetacean Education Through Awareness), is the only whale watch company in the Northeast to feature a comprehensive educational program completely integrated into the whale watch. Throughout the trip, on both the ride out to whales and the ride back in to Gloucester our on-board educators will provide hands-on learning tools for both children and adults alike to learn more about the whales they will be seeing during the trip, their ocean environment, and about some of the
problems they face. In addition to providing something for both children and adults to do on the ride to and from the whales, this gives everyone on board the opportunity to take advantage of the unique educational opportunity that a whale watch provides. We believe that education is the key to conservation, and that the fate of whales and their environment lies largely in the hands of our passengers. Hopefully the education in combination with the wonderful experience of seeing a whale in the wild will instill awe in our passengers and encourage many people to want to work to preserve whales for future generations of whale-watchers.

Both the education and the commentary on our trips are based on three primary themes:

- Whales are amazing animals

- Whales are dependent on other life in the oceans

- Whales are an indicator of the overall health of the environment

Some of our learning tools include:
Whale baleen and teeth, to learn about the ways in which different types of whales feed.
A 3-D model of Stellwagen Bank, to learn about where the whales are found and
why they are there.
A CD containing the songs of the humpback whales, to learn about one of the most amazing and unique features of humpbacks.

Discovery Scopes,
enabling passengers to view plankton, the basis of all life in the oceans, taken from the very ocean where we watch the whales

And more!

<above are photos of interns and passengers with teaching tools>

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